My phone or device has stopped working what should I do?

Please report the problem to Orange on 07973 100 158 (158 from your mobile) or the Telecoms team for support. Any connection issues are best reported on the day, as Orange cannot diagnose faults that are not current due to access to the network. Email| and provide your name, extension number, department, mobile number and a description of the problem. If you do not have access to email, you can phone 020 7107 5039 (an out-of-hours voicemail service operates).

If we cannot resolve the problem and your device needs to be replaced, we will determine if your device is still under warranty. If it is, then we will arrange for your device to be replaced free of charge. If the warranty has expired, your department will need to purchase a replacement device for you. A price list is obtainable from|.

If it becomes apparent that your SIM card is faulty, this will be replaced free of charge by Orange.

You will need to remove the SIM card and keep it safe. Bring your device to the Information Management and Technology Telecoms Team (OLD 1.03) so that we can arrange for the courier to exchange your old device for a replacement.

If you have any queries, please contact|