I've lost my phone or it was stolen what should I do?

Handsets that are lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the Information Management and Technology Telecoms Team (telecoms@lse.ac.uk|) or telephone 020 7107 5039 (an out-of-hours voicemail service operates) so that the handset can be deactivated.

It is strongly recommended that users keep a separate note of their handset's IMEI number|, which will need to be provided to the operator in order to deactivate the handset. This number can be obtained by following the instructions that came with the handset or by contacting Information Management and Technology.

Orange offer comprehensive insurance protection for tablets and phones if they are lost, stolen or damaged. The warranty provides cover for a maximum of 26 months for the repair or replacement of the mobile device if it suffers from electrical or mechanical breakdown.1

  • Replacement phones are normally dispatched within 24 hours of any claim being agreed
  • The insurance provides worldwide coverage; wherever you are, you are covered

Device Price

Cost of Care per Month



£100 - £275


£276 - £400






1Terms and conditions apply.

If you have any queries, please contact Information Management and Technology Telecoms: telecoms@lse.ac.uk|