Get started with ScientificWorkplace

What is Scientific WorkPlace?

Scientific WorkPlace is a fully featured technical word processing program. Additionally, it can perform symbolic computation and prepare material for publishing on the World Wide Web.


Scientific WorkPlace version 5.5 is provided on all public room computers at LSE and can be run on any machine at LSE that is connected to the network.

Starting Scientific WorkPlace

On a public room machine:

Click Start | All Programs | Specialist and Teaching Software | Scientific WorkPlace

For other machines, ask your IT Support Team to install Scientific WorkPlace 5.5. In this case there will be probably an icon on the desktop from which you can start the program.

Using Scientific WorkPlace

Comprehensive help on using Scientific WorkPlace is available on-line via the Help menu.

Beginners can start from the Help Menu, Contents, Take a Tour for a general introduction. This can be followed with Learn the Basics (also from Help, Contents) which leads to tutorials to be followed on-line and the online version of Getting Started, the Manufacturer's manual.

Instructions for using Beamer, a package for making slides, are in C:\SWP55\SWSamples\PackageSample-beamer.tex (If this file is missing, then Beamer is not installed on the computer you are using.)

File types

The main file type used by Scientific WorkPlace is tex for documents. 

Please Note: There may be a file association for Scientific WorkPlace in the LSE implementation, so that double-clicking on files of type tex will start Scientific WorkPlace; however, the file association may be to a different program.


PDF format files can be created directly from Scientific WorkPlace using the Typeset menu and Preview PDF.


If you made a PDF of your document then it can be printed from the Acrobat window. Alternatively, because of the way in which Scientific WorkPlace composes the technical material, it is usual to compile the document with LaTeX before printing it. This is done from the Typeset menu, using the option Preview – so that you can see your document on the screen as it will appear in print – and then selecting Print from the Previewer's File menu.


There are five publishers' manuals for Scientific WorkPlace which are available as pdf from

They are: 

  • Getting Started with Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook
  • Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word
  • Doing Mathematics with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook
  • Typesetting Documents with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word
  • A Gallery of Document Shells for Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word.


Students should go to the IT Help Desk; staff and research students should consult their IT Support team in the first instance.


LSE has an unlimited network licence for Scientific WorkPlace. Stand alone Scientific WorkPlace licences are available for Staff to install on laptops or home computers. Such licences are valid for one year at a time.