Get started with EViews6

What is EViews?

EViews provides sophisticated data analysis, regression and forecasting tools on computers using Windows operating systems. With EViews you can quickly develop a statistical relation from your data and then use the relation to forecast future values of the data. Areas where EViews can be useful include: scientific data analysis and evaluation, financial analysis, macroeconomic forecasting, simulation and cost analysis.

EViews is a new version of a set of tools for manipulating time series data originally developed in the Time Series Processor software. The immediate predecessor of EViews was MicroTSP, first released in 1981. In spite of this history, there is nothing in EViews' design that limits it to economic time series. Even quite large cross-section projects can be handled in EViews.


EViews version 6 is provided on all public room computers at LSE and can be run on any machine at LSE that is connected to the network.

Starting EViews

On a public room machine: 

Click Start | All Programs | Specialist and teaching software | Econometrics | EViews 6 | EViews 6

For other machines:

1.   Double-click on My Computer to display a list of your folders and servers

2.   Double-click on Public on '\Software\Applications (W:)'

3.   Scroll down and double-click on EViews6.

4.   Right-click EViews6.exe, choose Send to and then Desktop (create shortcut)

5.   Once the EViews icon is on your desktop, double-click it to start the application.

Using EViews

Comprehensive help on using EViews is available on-line via the Help menu. The READ ME gives general information on Help; EViews Help Topics and Quick Help Reference give help via html pages.

Help additionally includes links to the Users Guide (I and II) and to the Command Reference all in pdf format. If you decide to follow the Users Guide I you should glance at most of Part I, EViews Fundamentals, and look carefully at chapters 1 to 6, giving particular attention to chapter 2 which is an extended demonstration of the software. This information and the demonstration are also part of the EViews Help Topics.

File types

The following file types are used by EViews: 

  • wf1 for workfiles
  • edb for EViews databases
  • prg for programs. 

Please Note: There are limited file associations for EViews in the LSE implementation. Double-clicking on files of types wf1 and edb may start EViews , but prg is associated with another program (RATS) and will not.


Various options are available.

Start by looking at the Help menu| EViews Help Topics | Index | Print, Setup Options.


Those using EViews on a taught course should seek help from the class teacher. Other students should go to the IT Help Desk; staff and research students should consult their IT Support Team in the first instance.


LSE has a limited (but large) number of network licences for EViews.

Stand alone EViews licences for staff and registered students may be bought from Timberlake Consultants Limited| at concessionary prices.