Skype is now part of the centrally-managed and supported Windows 7 desktop. It is therefore installed on all student computers on campus| and in Halls of Residence computer rooms.

Skype will be available to all staff as computers are upgraded. Where it is urgently required, staff should contact their user support teams| to discuss the options. Information Management and Technology can also advise on the type of headphones/microphones/web cams that staff are currently using for this purpose. Please note that at present, there is no means for the School to purchase Skype credit. We therefore recommend that you make Skype-to-Skype calls| only.

Recording Skype calls can be done using third party software, and the recordings stored on academic department storage space. Recording audio calls is probably more straightforward than video calls, and staff interested in doing this should look at "MP3 Skype Recorder" which is free software:| This is not centrally-supported software; however, IT Services can install it for staff who would like to use it. Installation may take up to ten working days, as this software is not part of the School's centrally-managed and supported desktop.

If you wish to record Skype calls, you must inform the other party/parties of your intention to record the call, explain why you want to record it, and ask for consent. You may also want to be clear on how long you will keep the information, in case you are asked. 

Going forward, Information Management and Technology will be reviewing our support for desktop conferencing with the introduction of a new voice over IP telephony service, which will enhance the School's current provision.