Outlook 2013 - Managing Your Mailbox Quota

Understand your Mailbox Quota

All LSE staff and students are allocated a standard 50GB space for their Outlook files, including email messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks list, etc. and all attachments.  While this may sound enormous, if you tend to store photos, videos, sound files and other types of large attachments here, rather than saving such attachments elsewhere, in time you may outgrow even this space.  You will receive automatic messages if your mailbox approaches your quota. If you don't delete items, eventually you will be unable to send, or even receive messages. 



No Send

No Receive

All staff and students    

49.0 GB

49.5 GB

50 GB

To see the overall size of your mailbox

Click on the File tab. Under Mailbox Cleanup, a blue bar displays the amount of space you have used, with space remaining detailed beneath. 

NOTE: if the overall size of your mailbox is less than 49.5 GB, please contact the IT Service Desk (x5000).

To see the size of your mailbox and individual folders

1. With Outlook open, click on the File tab.

2. Open the Cleanup Tools   menu.


3. Select Mailbox Cleanup...

The Mailbox Cleanup dialog box is displayed

4. Click on the View Mailbox Size... button. The Folder Size dialog box is displayed with a list of all the subfolders in alphabetical order and their size in KB.

What makes the mailbox so big

Your mailbox contains all the folders and subfolders listed beneath your email address (shown at the top of the navigation bar on the left of the Outlook email screen). This includes your Inbox along with other folders created by Outlook, such as Deleted Items,Drafts, and Sent Items.  Your mailbox also contains any other folders and subfolders you have created yourself.    

Arranging email messages by size

Knowing individual message size can help you as you work to control the overall size of your mailbox. You can group messages by size in any folder. 

To arrange email messages by size:

1. Click on the Size heading above your email list. Your messages will be sorted into groups: Huge (10 - 25 MB)Very Large (5 - 10 MB)Large (1 - 5 MB), Medium (25KB - 1MB) and Small (10 - 25KB)

2. Click again on the Size heading to reverse the sort order, from smallest to largest. 

If the message size field isn't displayed

The message size field can easily be added to any Outlook mail folder.

To display the message size field:

1. Right-click on any heading above the email list. A list appears.

2. Select Field Chooser.  The Field Chooser dialog box appears. 

3. Scroll down the list until the Size field is displayed. Using the left button on your mouse, click and drag the Size field onto the header row above your email list until two red arrows appear at the place you want the size heading to be shown.  Release the mouse button.

The Size column is added to the headings.

4. To sort the message list by size, click on the Size column header. Clicking a second time alternates the list between ascending and descending order of size. 

Removing attachments

Any messages over 500 KB will probably have attachments. You should consider whether or not you need to keep the attachment with the message, as saving it and then deleting it from the message (or simply deleting it from the message if you already have a copy of the file) will release space on your Mailbox.

To save or delete attachments:

1. Open the message and right click on an attachment.

2. Remove Attachment will permanently delete it. (Start by selecting all attachments in the message to remove them all in one go.)

3. Save each attachment individually by clicking Save As. To save all attachments at once, click Save All Attachments. The Save All Attachments dialog box opens.

4. Click OK. A second Save All Attachment dialog box opens, allowing you to select where the attachments are saved.

5. Navigate to the location required and click OKCopies of each of the attachments are saved in the location specified. Note that they have NOT been deleted from the message.

6. Returning to the message, select all the attachments, right-click again and click Remove Attachment to permanently delete them from the message.

Deleting unwanted mail messages

You should regularly delete unwanted messages in your Inbox, subfolders and Sent Items folder.  Removing unwanted email clutter makes it easier for you to work with the messages you need.

To delete unwanted mail messages:

1. From the Inbox or other Outlook mail folder, select the messages you want to delete:

Individual messages:

click on the message you wish to delete

Multiple contiguous messages:

click on the first message you wish to delete, hold down the[Shift] key and click on the last message you wish to delete, before releasing the [Shift] key

Multiple non-contiguous messages:

click on the first message you wish to delete, hold down the [Ctrl] key and click on each of the other messages you wish to delete, before releasing the  [Ctrl] key

2. Press Delete on the keyboard.