Office 2010 Creating PDF documents


Documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) preserve the exact look and content of the originals, complete with fonts and graphics, and can be printed,  shared and stored on the Web.

This guide focuses on two methods of creating PDF documents:

  • Saving an Office 2010 document as a PDF.
  • Using PDFCreator to convert any file from any application into a PDF document.

Saving an Office 2010 document as a PDF

To save an Office 2010 document as a PDF:

  1. Click on the File tab
  2. Click Save As
  3. Navigate to the drive and folder where the document is to be saved
  4. Enter a file name in the File Name box
  5. Click on the drop-down arrow for Save as type: and select PDF (*.pdf)

    Save as PDF
  1. Click the Save button.

Please note: it is also possible to save an Office document in a format similar to PDF, known as XPS which is Microsoft's alternative.

As with PDF documents, an XPS document is displayed identically on every computer as long as the user has an XPS viewer installed on their PC. An XPS viewer is built in to Windows 7 but earlier operating systems need to download it from the Microsoft website.

We do not recommend saving in XPS format.


Attach a document in PDF to an Email

It is possible to convert an Office 2010 document to PDF and automatically attach it to an email.

To save a file as a PDF and attach it to an email.

  1. Click on the File tab
  2. Click Save & Send
  3. Click on the Send as PDF button

    Send as PDF

Creating a PDF version of a document using PDFCreator

There are several ways of creating a PDF file using PDFCreator.

PDFCreator is installed on all staff and student computers. It can be used to create a PDF of a document created in any software.

To create a PDF file using the Print option.

Open the document

  1. In any application, select the option to Print the Document.
  2. Select PDFCreator as the printer to use
  3. Click on the Printer drop-down arrow and select PDFCreator

    PDF creator print

 (Example shown - Microsoft Office 2010 Applications)

  1. Click the Print button

    Print PDF

The PDFCreator dialog box is displayed. 
 PDF creator dialog box

  1. Make any changes you wish and then click on the Save button.

    The Save As dialog box will be displayed.

Note: if you would like to send the PDF document as an email attachment, click the email button rather than Save. A copy of the PDF document will also be saved in the drive and folder you select in the next step.

  1. In the Save-in: drop-down list, navigate to the drive and folder where the file is to be saved. In the File name box, type the name of the file and click on the Save button.

The document is saved and Adobe Acrobat opens, displaying a PDF version of your document.

Please note: if the PDF is not displayed, at step 6 tick the box alongside After saving open the document with the default program when using PDFCreator again.

To create a PDF file using a Short-cut menu:

  1. Right Click on the file name in My Computer

    PDF shortcut menu
  1. Select one of the following options:
  • Create PDF and Bitmap Files with PDFCreator
  • Convert to Adobe PDF
  • Convert to Adobe PDF and Email