Office 2010 - Clipboard


Cut, Copy and Paste commands are common to all Microsoft Office software. Users are limited, however, to using just one selection at a time. Once copied or cut, a selection must be used before another can be collected (by copying or cutting) for use elsewhere. 

The Clipboard improves on these basic features by enabling users to collect up to 24 separate selections of text, graphics, tables, pictures and other file content -- even entire documents. These selections can then be pasted into files in any application, in any order and as many times as required.

The Clipboard is especially useful for collecting and using material across different applications. For example, the user can collect paragraphs from Word, tables of figures from Excel, website addresses held in Outlook, and graphics and text from PowerPoint to create a new presentation in PowerPoint or a report in Word. 

Accessing the clipboard

To open the Clipboard in any Microsoft application:
1. Click Home | Clipboard to launch the clipboard.  

Clipboard drop arrow

NOTE: If the Clipboard is already open in another application, the clipboard icon is shown near the digital clock in the lower right corner of the computer screen. Double click on the icon to open the Clipboard in the application you are working in.

 Clipboard icon

Collecting selected material in the clipboard

If the Clipboard has been opened on your computer, anything you copy or cut using any Microsoft application (and many others, too) will be added to the Clipboard. This happens even when the Clipboard isn't shown in the application you are currently working in. The item is represented by a miniature picture of the item or, if it is text, by the first few lines in the selection. Each item in the clipboard also is shown with a tiny icon of the application the item was collected from.


To add an item to the Clipboard:

1. Open the Clipboard using the method above

2. Select the text or items required

3. Copy or cut the selection.

  Item collected



Using clipboard items

Clipboard items can be used in any order, and as many times as required.  Or, if you have collected items in the order you want to use them, paste everything on the Clipboard into a file by using the Paste All icon.

Paste All

To paste individual Clipboard items into a file: 
1. Place the cursor where the item is required 

2. Click on the item in the Clipboard. The item will be pasted into the file.

To paste all Clipboard items into a file in the order they have been collected: 
1. Place the cursor where the item is required 

2. Click on the Paste All button near the top of the Clipboard. Everything held in the Clipboard will be added to your file, beginning with the bottom item in the list  

Removing items from the clipboard

Once the Clipboard has been opened, every item you copy or paste will automatically be added to it, even if you close the Clipboard temporarily. 

To remove individual items from the Clipboard: 
1. Right click on the item and click Delete


2. Move your mouse pointer onto the item, click on the arrow and select Delete

Delete item

To clear all items from the Clipboard: 
1.  Click the Clear All button at the top of the ClipboardThe Clipboard is emptied

 Clear Clipboard


2. Close all Microsoft applications. The Clipboard memory is cleared.