Outlook 2010 - Email Signatures


An email signature is usually a small amount of text added to the bottom of an outgoing email message. A signature most often includes a person's name, title, company and contact details although some people choose to add more or less information. Signatures are useful to the people you correspond with as it provides additional contact information -  like an electronic business card.

Creating a signature

To create an email signature:

1. On the File tab, click Options. The Outlook Options dialog box will pop up


2. Click the Mail category and then click on the Signatures... button. The Signatures and Stationary dialog will pop up


3. Under the E-mail Signature tab, click New. A New Signature dialog will pop up

New signature

4. Enter a name for your signature and then click OK. The name will be added to the list of previous signature and the text box will become active for you to type your signature.

Signature name

5. Add the text for your signature in the Edit signature section. This will be the text that is attached to the end of selected outgoing emails. Be sure to observe any departmental styles you may need to follow with regards to content and appearance.

Email signature

6. To finish, click OK

Assigning signatures

When you have one or more signatures, you can descide when they should be used. On the right hand side of the Signatures and Stationery dialog box you have drop down boxes for New messages and for Replies/Forwards. Choose the appropriate signature you wish to use for these types of message. You can always reassign signatures in the future if you wish.

Manually Adding a Signature

Outlook allows you to have multiple signatures. This can be useful if you need to write emails on behalf of a generic department account, or on behalf of your colleagues.

Note: If you will regularly use different signatures, it is advisable to set the default signature for New messages and for Replies/forwards to (none) . Otherwise, you must remember to delete the default signature from the message before inserting a new signature. If you forget, you will end up with two signatures on the message.

To manually add a signature to a message:
1. Create a new message and compose your email

2. On the Message tab, click Signature and select your preferred signature

Insert signature

  • If the email has no signature previously assigned, the one you select will be added.
  • If the email has a signature that has been previously assigned, it will be replaced by the new signature that you select, and only for this email.

Tip: Signatures can be conveniently used to send standard replies to enquiries. Set up a signature with the text of your standard reply, and when replying to a message, select it from your list of signatures.