PowerPoint 2003 - Creating Custom Notes and Handouts


PowerPoint's standard features for producing speaker's notes and handouts are useful for many but don't meet everyone's needs.  Exporting your presentation to Word gives you much greater flexibility in creating the notes and handouts you may require.  For example, you can add notes that continue onto a second page or choose to show notes next to each of two slides on a page.  

Preparation in PowerPoint

Prepare your presentation as usual in PowerPoint: create and format your slides, adding the text and other elements required.  Use the slide master, handout master and notes master, too, to adjust your template if required.  Be sure to add all the notes you require to each slide even if all the notes don't appear in print preview of the notes pages.   

Exporting Your Presentation to Word

When you are happy with the presentation, save it and follow the steps below.

To export your presentation to Word:
1. Open the presentation.

2. Click File | Send To | Microsoft Office Word.

3.  Choose the option you require from the Send to Microsoft Office Word dialog box. 

Note: If your notes are too long for a single page, choose Notes below slides as selected below.


4. Choose either:

Paste to make a simple copy of the presentation in Word, or

Paste link to enable automatic update of the images of your slides in the Word document should you later make changes to slides in your PowerPoint presentation.

Note: This link cannot update changes made in PowerPoint to your notes or outline. Therefore the Paste Link option is not available if you select Outline only

5. Click OK to close the box and create your document in Word.  This may take some time for longer presentations.  

Updating Slide Images in Your Word Document

If you selected Paste link when you sent your presentation to Word, subsequent changes to the slides in your presentation can automatically be made in your Word document.

To update the slide images:
1. Make the changes required to your slides in PowerPoint and save the presentation.

2. If the linked Word document is open, click Edit | Links.

3. The Links dialog box opens. Each slide in the presentation will be listed as a separate item.  Select them all by clicking on the first item, holding down the shift key and clicking on the last item.


4. Click Update Now and OK.  The slide images in your Word document will be updated.

5. If your Word document was closed while you updated the presentation, when you reopen the Word document, you will be prompted to update the file. Click yes to do so.


Note: Only the slide images can be updated in this way.  If you want to update changes made in PowerPoint to the notes or outline, you'll need to go back to PowerPoint and send the presentation to Word again as outlined above.