Outlook 2003 - Sharing Contacts

Individual contacts can be forwarded to colleagues or friends in order to share the information without retyping it.

To forward a Contact:

1. Select all the contacts you want to copy and send to someone else

a. Click on the first contact to send.
b. Hold down CTRL and click on each of the others.

2. Right click on one of the selected contacts and click on Forward Items (or Forward if just one contact has been selected)

3. Complete, address and send the email message.

To save Contacts received as an email attachment:

1. Open the message.

2. Click on the Restore Down button in the upper right corner of the screen to make the message window smaller so that the Outlook window can be seen behind it.



4. Display Contacts in the main Outlook window.

5. Select the attached contact files.  (Select the first one, then hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click on each of the others.)

6. While keeping Control pressed down, click on any of the selected attachments, and drag and drop it into the Contacts list.  (This will copy each of the selected Contacts files into your Contacts list.)7. Close and, unless you need other information in it, delete the email message.