Outlook 2003 - Organise your Inbox

Outlook 2003 Inbox

In your Outlook 2003  Inbox, messages are sorted by the date and time received in descending order, which means the most recent message is at the top of the Inbox and the oldest at the bottom.


Sorting your Inbox

You can click on any of the Field headers [From, Subject, Received, etc] to sort the message list by that field. Clicking a second time alternates the list between ascending and descending order.

For example, to sort by sender (A to Z), click the From column heading, and to reverse the order
(Z to A) click on it a second time.

To sort messages:
1. Click the Field Header by which you wish to sort.2. If you wish to reverse the order of the sort, click the same Field header a second time.

Show in Groups

Messages are also arranged in groups according to the date they were received: Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Two Weeks Ago, Three Weeks Ago, Last Month, and Older.

To enable / disable Show in Groups:
1. Click on View | Arrange by | Show in Groups


Adding/Changing Fields

The message list displays the main information about a message such as who it is from, the subject and time of receipt. You can add other fields, for example you can display the size of messages by adding the Size column.

To add a Field:image006
1. On the Advanced toolbar, click on the Field Chooser button to display the Field Chooser menu.


2. Select the required field.


3. Drag and drop it from the Field Chooser menu to an area between any of two grey field headers.


Changing the Inbox Folder View

The default Inbox view can be changed to suit your individual preference.

To change the Inbox folder view:
1. On the Advanced toolbar, click on the Current View down-arrow to display the Current View list.


2. Click on the required view.

Creating and using folders

New folders can be created to help organise your messages. For example, if you are working on a project and your Inbox contains an assortment of messages dealing with this project, you could create a separate folder and place all messages relating to the project in that folder.

To create a folder:
1. Click on File | Folder | New Folder to display the Create New Folder dialog box.


2. In the Name box, type a name for the folder. Note: By default, your new folder will be a sub-folder of your Inbox.

3. Click on the OK button to create the new folder, which will be displayed in the Folder List.


Moving messages to a folder

There are several ways of moving messages between folders, for example, using the shortcut menu or dragging and dropping.

To move a single message to a folder:
1. Right-click on the message you wish to move to display the shortcut menu.

2. Click on Move to Folder to display the Move Items dialog box.


3. If necessary, click on the folder name to which you wish to move the selected message.

4. Click on the OK button to move the message to the folder.

To move multiple messages to a folder:
1. Click on the first message you wish to move. Then hold down the [Ctrl] key whilst clicking on any other messages.

2. When all the messages have been selected, to move them to a different folder either use drag-and-drop or use the method described above.