Making your PC your own again

Once your PC has been upgraded, use the links below to get back up to speed fast.

Import your bookmarks/favourites

Make your web browser your own again by importing your saved bookmarks/favourites.
Note that you must have exported and saved them somewhere outside of your PC (e.g. on your H space, a memory stick or a network drive) before your PC was upgraded. If you haven't done this, you may still have access to Internet Explorer favourites, which on a standard LSE computer are saved to your H: space

  • Importing into IE
  • Importing into Firefox
  • To import into other web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc): 
        a. type import bookmarks into your browser's search box,
        b. press Enter
        c. choose the relevant link from the list

Set the default printer

To set the default printer:

  1. Click Start | Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click the printer
  3. Click Set as default printer

Connect to a network printer

To connect to a network printer:

  1. Click Start
  2. Search for \\printac
  3. Find your room's printer and double click it. Printers are listed by department, building, then room number

Map network drives

Your support team will have mapped your H: space and any other network drives you told them about when you completed the migration checklist. |If you need to map any additional drives, check out the Mapping a Network Drive Guide.

Add any additional mailboxes to Outlook

Your support team will have added any additional mailboxes you requested in the migration checklist |. If you need to add any further mailboxes to your Outlook mail list, read our guide.

Open archive files in Outlook

If you have archive files and wish to add them to Outlook, see the guide here:

Get up to speed with changes in Office 2010

To quickly find a command in Office 2010 by clicking on the menu option or icon you used in 2003, open the guide to the relevant Office application here:

Check out the guide for Getting to grips with Office 2010 and Windows 7:

Other sources of help

Visit Windows 7 and Office 2010|  for links to:

  • Online demonstrations of how new features work
  • Microsoft online short video courses
  • Sources of further help

Still can't find what you need? Email|