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Connecting to LSE Black/White and Colour printers using Windows XP/Vista/7


The new LSEPrintMap utility downloads and installs LSE printer files automatically with minimal user interaction, and is easy to use. The printers can be uninstalled via Help | Reinstall Printers. Please follow the steps below to try this utility. Do send us your feedback|, good or bad, as well as any suggestions you may have.

Download and install printer files once

  1. Download LSEPrintMap.exe and save it to your Desktop, then double-click it (Campus and LSE residences only)

  2. If this is the first time you have run LSEPrintMap or you don't have LSE printers installed, the Setup Wizard will be displayed:

    Printer setup wizard
  3. Click Install

  4. If a driver warning message appears, click Install this driver anyway and wait for the process to complete
    LSE Public B/W Printer, LSE C120 Colour Printer and LSE Library Colour Printer will be installed on your computer, and a message will be displayed

  5. Click OK to continue
    The Connect to Print Queue window (see below) will be displayed

How to print

  1. Open LSEPrintMap, if necessary
    The Connect to Print Queue window will be displayed

    Connect to Print Queue
  2. Select a printer from the drop down list
  3. Enter your LSE username and password
  4. Press Enter or click Connect
    A message will be displayed

  5. Click OK

  6. Use the print command (e.g. File | Print) in the software you're using to send your document to the printer you selected above
  7. Log on to a print station (the computer attached to the printer)
  8. Print or delete the jobs in your print queue, as you wish

    The local printers will remain available when you restart your computer, but the connection to the print queue will be lost. Please repeat the steps under How to print, every session, to connect to the print queue


There are laser printers in all the student computer rooms and areas. There is one colour printer in the lower ground floor of the Library and one in C120. All LSE public room printers on campus and in LSE residences have duplex units and are duplex enabled by default.


Paying for printing:
There is a charge per A4 side for black and white as well as colour printing. To print on any of the student printers at LSE, you will need credit on your printing account. For more information, see Online Printing Payment|


  1. If you have a third-party firewall installed on your computer, e.g. Zone Alarm, Kaspersky Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall, you may have to configure it to allow LSEPrintMap.exe through
  2. Advanced users may prefer to map the printer queue manually, as follows:

a. Click Start | ( Run )

b. Enter cmd and click OK 

c. At the Command prompt, enter

NET USE LPT2 \\PRINT1\PRPCQ /USER:LSE\yourLSEUsername -  All public rooms

NET USE LPT2 \\PRINT1\C120CPQ /USER:LSE\yourLSEUsername - C120 colour printer

NET USE LPT2 \\PRINT1\LLGCPQ /USER:LSE\yourLSEUsername - Library colour printer


d. Enter your LSE password when prompted

e. When printing your document, click File | Print and select the mapped printer from the printer list

  1. If problems persist, try Connecting to a School printer using Windows Vista/7 or Windows XP, or contact it.helpdesk@lse.ac.uk for assistance. You may also drop in to the Laptop Surgery in STC.S198.


Reviewed September 2012