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How to Print to a School Printer from a Macintosh OS X 10.3 Computer

This document describes how to configure a Macintosh computer running MAC OS X 10.3 to print to printers on the school network. Before proceeding with these steps make sure you are connected to the LSE network, it is recommended that you test your connection by opening http://www.lse.ac.uk |on your Internet browser.


Since the upgrade to Windows 2003 server, printing from MAC requires SAMBA version 3. printing from MAC is now only possible using OS X 10.3 and above.


Open Macintosh HD, Applications, Utilities, and then Terminal.


 Copy  the following text string and paste (or type) it into the Terminal window of your Mac, then press enter:


sudo ln -s /usr/bin/smbspool /usr/libexec/cups/backend/smb


Press enter at the password prompt.
Note: Those who have manually set up an administrative (root) password for their Mac should type it in before pressing enter.


Press the Apple key and the Q key together to quit Terminal.


 From the Apple menu, click System Preferences.


 Double-click on Sharing to open it.


 Under Select a Service to Change its Settings, make sure the checkbox 'Windows File Sharing' is ticked.


Note: If this option is greyed out, click on the padlock sign at the bottom left of the current window first and enter your Mac's administrative username and password if requested.


Quit all applications and restart the Mac computer.


Open Macintosh HD, Applications, Utilities, and then Print Center.
Note: If your Printer List is blank you get the message '...Would you like to add to your list of printers now?', Click on Cancel.


With the Alt key held down, double-click Add Printer.


 From the drop down menu select the Advanced option (shown below).


 In the Device drop-down menu select Windows Printer via SAMBA



In the Device Name text box, enter LSE Public Printers


In the Device URI text box, enter smb://LSEUSERNAME:LSEPASSWORD@LSE/PRINT1/PRPCQ


Note: LSEUSERNAME is your LSE username and LSEPASSWORD is your normal LSE password, LSEPASSWORD is case sensitive. 


In the Printer Model drop-down menu select HP, and then select HP LaserJet 4000 Series.


 Click Add.


 Press the Apple key and the Q key together to quit Print Center.

When printing your document, click on File, then Print and select the new printer from the printer list.

Note: This document assumes that your Mac OS X is running CUPS and SAMBA3 (i.e Panther OSX 10.3)

Resetting a school printer to default setting

School printers work at their best when using default settings. If these have been changed for any reason, for example, to manual feed, legal document size etc, please follow the instructions below:


1. Using the Menu button, select Resets menu

2. Using the Item button, select Restore factory settings

3. Press the Select button


Reviewed September 2012