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How to Print to a School Printer from Mac OS X 10.7/10.8


This document describes how to configure a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.7/10.8 to print to black and white printers on the School network. Before proceeding with these steps make sure you are connected to the LSE network, it is recommended that you test your connection by opening www.lse.ac.uk |on your internet browser. 


  1. Open Safari and go to http://localhost:631
  2. The Command Unit Printing System (CUPS) 1.5.0 page should load, then click Adding Printers and Classes

Adding Printers and Classes

  1. Click Add Printer and enter your Apple Mac username and password if prompted

    Note: CUPS does not allow you to authenticate with an account that has no password, for security reasons

Add Printer

  1. Select Windows printer via spoolss  and click Continue

    Windows printer via spoolss

  2. In the Connection textbox, enter smb://PRINT1/PRPCQ and click Continue

      Connection textbox
  3. In the Name textbox, enter LSEPrinter (all one word, no spaces)
  4. In the Description textbox, enter HP Laserjet 4350 and click Continue.
  5. In the Location textbox, enter LSE and click Continue

    Printer name
  6. From the Make drop down menu, select HP and click Continue

    Printer make

  7. From Model drop down menu, select HP Laserjet 4350 - Gutenprint v5.2.3 (en) and click  Add Printer.
    If it asks you to log in enter your Apple Mac username and password

    If Gutenprint printers are not in the list, you can install them manually as follows:
    1. Download the latest Gutenprint package (e.g. gutenprint-5.2.9.dmg) from http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/MacOSX.php
    2. Open the downloaded package and follow the on-screen instructions to install it

    Printer model
  8. Update the following default options for LSEPrinter:

    • Media Size: A4
    • 2-Sided Printing: Long Edge (Standard)
  9. Click Set Default Options

You should get a message saying LSEPrinter has been added successfully

How to print

  1. Use the print command (e.g. File | Print) in the software you're using and select the LSEPrinter from the printer list, which should be HP Laserjet 4350

  2. Log in with your LSE username and password and click OK


    If you are not prompted to log in, open System Preferences | Print & Scan | Open Print Queue... and click Resume. Then log in with your LSE username and password

    Resume print job
  3. Log on to a print station (the computer attached to the printer)
  4. Print or delete the jobs in your print queue, as you wish

There are laser printers in all the student computer rooms and areas. There is one colour printer in the lower ground floor of the Library and one in C120. All LSE public room printers on campus and in LSE residences have duplex units and are duplex enabled by default.

Paying for printing:
There is a charge per A4 side for black and white as well as colour printing. To print on any of the student printers at LSE, you will need credit on your printing account. For more information, see Online Printing Payment|.


  1. If SMB doesn't prompt for authentication when printing or your print jobs do not appear at any print station, open System Preferences | Print & Scan | Open Print Queue... and click Resume. Then log in with your LSE username and password

  2. To remove previous installations of LSEPrinter, go to http://localhost:631 and click Administration | Manage Printers. Click the printer you want to remove and select Delete Printer from the second drop down list


Reviewed September 2012