How to use the colour printers

Multi-functional devices [MFDs] offering colour printing are available in the Library. Colour printing costs 10p per side of A4 paper.

  1. Open the document you wish to print.
  2. Within the application you are using, from the File menu choose Print .
  3. In the Print dialog box , select the colour printer:

    STUDENT-Colour-MFD1 on
    STUDENT-Colour-MFD2 on

    This will automatically direct the print job to the Colour Printer queue.

  4. Set any other options, such as number of copies and then click on the OK button.
  5. To obtain the printout, go to a colour MFD and tap your LSE ID card on the card reader*.
  6. Select the print job(s) to be printed and then follow the computer's on-screen instructions.

Remember Each page costs 10p. If you are printing a large document, ensure you have enough credit on your account before starting to print. Information on how to top up your printing account can be found here

*NB: The first time you use a Canon MFD you will need to associate your LSE ID card with your LSE username and password. Please see here for more guidance on registering your details.