Printers and Scanners

Please click on the appropriate tabs below to see the guides and frequently asked questions on printing and scanning.

1. What are the printing facilities at LSE?

There are HP LaserJet printers or Canon multi-functional devices (MFDs) in all of the public computer rooms and areas, which can be used for the production of high-quality documents.


Some of the MFDs in the Library offer both black and white (b/w) and colour printing, photocopying and scanning.


For a list of public computer rooms and computer classrooms with the printers and other facilities by area, please see the student computer rooms webpages.

2. How much does printing cost?

LSE charges:

  • A4 | 3.5p per side for b&w and 10p a page for colour printing
  • A3 | 7p  per side b&w and 20p a page for colour



3. Where are the value loaders for printer account top-up?

There are value loaders on the lower ground floor and ground floor Copy Shop in the Library.


All value loaders take notes and £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p coins.


4. How can I print out in colour?

Colour MFDs are available in the Library. Colour printing costs 10p (A4) or 20p (A3) a sheet and you have to connect to a different print queue before sending a job. 


See our guide to colour printing for more information.


5. Can I print to a school printer from my own computer?

You can print from your own computer on campus (including halls of residence), to a public room or classroom printer. See here for more details and for specify information about Mac OS X, see here


Currently, colour printing can be done on LSE Campus only. See our guide to colour printing for more information.


6. Can I print double-sided (duplex) on campus?

Yes; double-sided printing is set as default on all campus printers. There are only a few printers at halls of residences that don't have duplex units and so can only print single-sided.


7. How do I print out two pages on one side of paper?

This will depend on the program your file is open in. Printer settings can usually be changed by going to File | Print and choosing from the available settings.


8. Can I use OHP sheets in the school printers?

Yes but please ensure they are suitable for the model of laser printers we have otherwise they can cause paper jams and other printing problems. The Students’ Union Shop sells laser printer compatible OHPs.

9. I'm having trouble printing PDFs. What can I do?

There are a number of possible causes. In general, try the following options:

  1. If you have been trying to print multiple pages per sheet AND double-sided, try printing with only one of these options
  2. If you are printing a PDF embedded in a browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer), make sure you are printing from the printer icon in the toolbar of the PDF files, NOT from the File | Print menu in the browser
  3. If you are printing a file opened on a web browser, try to save it onto the desktop and print.
  4. Try printing the PDF in economy mode.

If you are still having problems printing, contact the IT Help Desk.



10. When I print out a PDF from a web page, the printed pages come out blank. How can I resolve this?

When printing out a PDF from a web browser you need to select the print button which is on the webpage or Adobe toolbar rather than the print option on the browser toolbar. When you click on the print button a pop up window opens, you can set any printing preferences you want and then press print.


The other alternative is to save the PDF file temporarily to your desktop and then print it from the saved version there. This can be done by clicking

File | Save As and selecting the desktop to save the file.