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Sharing OneDrive for Business with External Collaborators

OneDrive for Business (OD4B) is currently being supplied by IMT as “your H: space in the cloud.” It is primarily a store for your own documents.

It is not at the moment recommended for project work or activities involving sharing resources with external users. 

LSE provides SharePoint through Office365 for projects that will involve external collaborators. You can request a SharePoint site here.

If, upon consideration of the above information, you still need to provide external users with access to your OneDrive, this can currently be done using  LSE’s External collaborator Access Framework. Before external access provision can be granted, we require you to clearly indicate your understanding of the following by ticking the box under each statement:

  • Name
  • 1. Providing external users with access to your OneDrive for Business (OD4B) account gives a very low level of assurance around the safety of data you may be storing within it, especially given its automatic data synching capabilities.
  • 2. We won’t be able to support any issues that arise as a result of sharing your OD4B account.
  • 3. You have checked all contractual agreements and the Information Classification Standard, in order to ensure that it is appropriate to share the data you’re holding within OD4B. You have made sure sharing any information in OD4B meets contractual stipulations around how it must be held, from where it can be accessed and who should be able to access it.
  • 4. You understand that the accidental leaking of personal information can lead to a fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office of up to £500,000 under the Data Protection Act, and 4% of turnover under the General Data Protection Regulation. Leaks of sensitive personal data can also lead to prosecution of those who cause the leaks.
  • 5. You understand that OD4B may in the future be deprecated for project activities when formal work is undertaken to migrate LSE’s existing shared and project drives to a new storage environment.

We also require you to undertake the Information Security Training course on Moodle before we provide you with access. You will be enrolled for the course after submission of this form.