How to register for personal web space

LSE Students and Staff are entitled to 50 MB personal web space to develop and publish a personal website for academic and related purposes.

You can register for personal web space on the following computers:

  • Public Room computers
  • Research Room computers
  • Staff computers running LSE Windows XP or Windows 7 build

To register for personal web space:

1. Log on to the LSE network

2. Display the personal web space registration page
Note: Please read the rest of these instructions before you display the page, using the link at the end of this guide

Personal web space terms and conditions  

3. Carefully read the points listed and the Conditions of Use

4. If you accept the conditions, type your username and password, then click on

I agree, create me a personal web page

You will be redirected to a page listing your personal website address.

5. The next time you log on, your personal Web space will be connected automatically to your U: drive.

You can access your LSE Personal Web via a Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, by entering the following URL into the Address Box:

Go to the Personal Web Space Registration page|