Accessing H:space using Mac OS X


Log on to a School computer


 Double click the My Computer icon.   


Make a note of your H: space server and H: space folder, e.g. student2 and folder F_users


Connect your Mac laptop to a laptop plug-in point.


 Using your Internet browser, log on to the LSE network by opening the LSE website at|.


From the Go menu on your Mac desktop select  Connect to Server


In the Server Address text box, enter smb://st??  (where st?? is the H: space server you made a note of in School, ?_users is the H: space folder, and yourLSEusername is your LSE username.)



Note: Click the + button next to the Server Address text box or Add to Favourites button to avoid having to type in your H space address every time you wish to access your H space.




Click Connect.


In the SMB/CIFS Filesystem Authentication box, enter LSE as your Workgroup/Domain.







In the Username text box type your LSE username.

Note: You should tick the Add to Keychain checkbox to avoid having to enter this information every time you log on to your H space.


 In the Password text box type your LSE password (your password is case sensitive), and click OK.


Reviewed March 2015