Access H: space using Windows XP/Vista/7


The H: space utility allows users to connect to shared network drives (H: space, U: space and P: drive only) from personally-owned computers via an internet connection on campus, in LSE residences, or offsite.

Download H: space utility

  1. If you are using an LSE plug-in point on campus or in residences, go straight to step 3 below

  2. If you are connecting from offsite, connect to the VPN server

    Note: If you do not use VPN you can also access your H: space via Remote Desktop

  3. Download the new version of Hspace utility (version 2.2) to your Desktop

    Hspace icon

  4. Double-click the Hspace.exe icon on your Desktop to open the utility

    Connect to Hspace utility

  5. Select your role from the Current LSE Status: drop down list

  6. H: space is ticked by default. Tick more drives if you wish, e.g. your web space (U: space) and/or the P: drive (staff only)

Note: If you are connecting to U: space for the first time, make sure you have already registered for personal web space| 

  1. Enter your LSE username and password

  2. Press Enter or click Connect

    Connect to Hspace message

  3. Press Enter or click OK when prompted

Your H: space will be added as a network drive and should be visible in  Computer  (known as My Computer in Windows 2000/XP). 

Access subfolders on the P: drive (staff only)

  1. Connect to the P: drive using the Hspace utility (see the steps above)

  2. Open P: drive (from Computer or My Computer)

  3. Click a blank space in the Address Bar at the top of the Computer window, anywhere to the right of the last item

    Pdrive folders

  4. Enter the full name of the folder - OR - path to the location you have access to, e.g. P:\myDepartmentFolder\generalFolder\myFolder\mySubfolder

Note: You can navigate inside the Address Bar by using just the backslash (\) key and the Down Arrow key

  1. Press Enter


  1. To disconnect from a mapped network drive, open Computer, right-click on the drive and select Disconnect.

  2. If you receive error messages when trying to run the H: space utility, check that you have a working internet connection by accessing external websites.

  3. Error 53: If you are offsite, check that you have connected to the LSE VPN server first.

  4. If you have a third-party firewall installed on your computer, e.g. Zone Alarm or Norton Personal Firewall, you may have to configure it to allow Hspace.exe through.

  5. If problems persist, try HSpace2 version 2.13 instead or contact for assistance. You may also drop in to the Laptop Surgery in S198.