IMAP4 and POP3 Access to Email from a Mobile Phone

Key Settings

  • POP or IMAP server address:
  • POP or IMAP account:
  • POP3 port: 995
  • Password: your_password
  • SMTP server address:
  • SMTP authentication: On
  • SMTP username:
  • Password: your_password

Where username is your LSE username and your_password is your LSE network password.

Security Information

By connecting to the Exchange server, you give LSE access to control certain features of your phone. This includes being able to remotely wipe the device and monitor failed password attempts to unlock the phone.

Please note that this is a standard feature of the Exchange service, has always been in place and is true for every mobile phone. Although Android phones warn users of this security setting, other mobile devices don't.

You should be aware that LSE IMT has no desire or interest in accessing any of these features, and will not do so without the express request of the user (e.g. if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, we can wipe the phone's contents for you).

We cannot remove this functionality from the Exchange service (Microsoft would have to do that); it is a standard feature.

If you have concerns about the security risks implied by these features, please call IMT to discuss on extension 5000, or email|