Using Spam Manager

Spam Manager allows you to view up to two week's worth of messages sent to you that have been blocked after being identified as spam. You are able to select items that may have been incorrectly blocked and choose to release these items for delivery to your mailbox.

To use Spam Manager, you need to log on to the service with your email address and a password. New users can connect to the Spam Manager website| to request a password to be sent to them in email.

Obtaining a password

1. Connect to the Spam Manager web page.

2. Click on the Need a password? link.

Login screen for spam manager

3. Enter your email address in the box in lower case and click on the Send Password button.

Spam manager new password screen

4. Confirm the request by clicking the Send me a password button.

Spam Manager new account screen

If there is no spam being stored for your email address, you will receive a message saying "No such user". You will need to try again at a later date to get a password.

Checking spam and releasing email

You need to log on to the Spam Manager website to check what items have been blocked as spam and to be able to release genuine messages for delivery.

1. Connect to the Spam Manager website|.

2. Enter your email address and password and the click on the Log in button.

Login screen for spam manager

3. A list appears showing the Sender, Subject, Date Received and Size of messages blocked as spam. Clicking on a column heading re-orders the list display by that category. You can view the contents of a message by clicking on the sender information for that message.

Spam manager summary screen

4. You can tick a message and click on the Release button to have that message delivered to your mailbox.

5. The Delete button permanantly removes ticked messages from Spam Manager.
You can tick all messages by ticking the box next to Sender and then use the Delete button to delete them all.

Note: Spam Manager only keeps messages for 14 days so you are not required to delete messages.

6. Click on the Logout link in the upper right of the page to exit from Spam Manager.

Searching for a message

1. To search for a message, go to the search page by clicking on the Search tab near the top left of the page.

Spam manager search box

2. Enter the text you wish to search for and click on the Search button.

3. The search results appear showing the list of messages that matches the search criteria. A message can be released for delivery to your mailbox by ticking the message and clicking on the Release button.

Spam manager search results screen

Note: the search is only conducted against Sender and Subject information in the message.

Changing your password

1. To change your password, go to the options page by clicking on the "Options" tab near the top left of the page.

Spam manager options screen

2. Click on the Change Password link to set a new password.

Using Notification Messages

Notifications are emails sent to you listing new items of detected spam. You can use the notification message to check the list of blocked messages without having to log on to Spam Manager.

1. To configure notifications, go to the options page by clicking on the Options tab near the top left of the page.

Spam manager options screen

2. Click on the Notifications link to see the notification options.

Spam manager notification options

3. Tick the Send notifications of newly received spam messages box to activate notifications

4. Use the Send notifications when? drop down list to specify the frequency with which notification messages are sent.

5. Click on the Save button to apply the new settings.

Adding additional email addresses

The Spam Manager options page also has a link to a page that allows you to specify other email addresses to add to your Spam Manager account. This makes it easier to manage the spam for a number of addresses from a single logon rather than having to log on with each individual email address.

You can use the Alternative Email Addresses link to add additional email addresses. The Spam Manager service will send a confirmation email to each address you specify before attaching the address to your account.


Reviewed September 2012