Set up Outlook 2010 on a personally-owned computer (Staff and PGRs)


Staff and postgraduate research students have been upgraded to the new Exchange 2010 email server|. Taught students use Office 365; for guidance please see Office 365|.

This guide describes how upgraded staff and postgraduate research students can access their LSE email account from a personally-owned computer using an exchange connection. This type of connection synchronises your email, calendar and task list, and provides access to the global address list.

Please note: synchronisation can take a long time to complete, particularly when the connection to the server is first set up. The exact time will depend on the connection speed and the amount of data you have stored.

The new Exchange server is set to automatically configure your details, but if you encounter problems you can set up the connection manually. See Set up Outlook 2010 for a personally-owned computer (Staff and PGRS)| and follow the instructions.


You should be familiar with using Windows, and have an active Internet connection. You must have Outlook 2010 installed before you follow these instructions.

Note: Whilst these instructions are designed for Outlook 2010, the same process should apply to most recent versions of Outlook.

Set up for a single email account

  1. Ensure Outlook 2010 is closed before you begin
  2. Open the Start Menu and click on Control Panel
  3. In the Control Panel, find and open Mail or Mail (32-bit)
  4. The Mail Setup dialog box will appear. Click Show Profiles...


  5. A new window will appear. Click Add... and enter a 'friendly' name for your new profile when prompted. You may need to select this name when you open Outlook 2010.

  6. Click OK. Another new window will appear; enter your LSE Network Account details as follows:

    • In the Your Name: field, enter your name as you would like it to be displayed
    • In the Email Address: field, enter your LSE email address
      For example: if your name is Joe Bloggs, your email address might be
    • In the Password and Retype Password fields, enter your LSE password
    • Ensure that the Manually configure server settings or additional server types tick-box is left unchecked


  7. Click Next and wait for the setup process to automatically complete
  8. If you are prompted for a username and password, enter your username preceded by LSE\ and your password
    For example: if your name is Joe Bloggs and your username is BLOGGSJ, enter LSE\BLOGGSJ
  9. Click Finish and close all the windows. You can then open Outlook 2010 and wait for your account to synchronise.

Adding additional mailboxes

Some departments have shared mailboxes. Once granted access, you can add these mailboxes to the navigation pane in your Outlook for easy access. See Adding additional mailboxes| for guidance.