Server Names

IMAP/POP clients

IMAP server: (SSL is supported)

IMAP Account name:

IMAP Password:

Use your LSE password

SMTP server: This server will only send mail from your LSE account. If you are connecting from outside School you may find it easier to use your Internet Service Provider SMTP server.

Please note: The School firewall does not permit traffic through port 25 (the default SMTP port) when using an external mail server on the LSE network. You may want to find out from your email provider whether they have an alternate port for their SMTP server, e.g. Gmail uses port 465 instead of the default port 25 which is generally blocked.

SMTP Account name:

SMTP password:

Use your LSE password

Smart phone ActiveSync Exchange server: (SSL is supported)

Directory server:

Server name:

Port number:

Requires logon

Search base:


Yes, use LSE\YourLSEUsername and password


POP3 port:


Exchange Server name

Outlook users should use the exchange server names below.

The LSE has a number of Exchange servers, for staff and students. The following server name routes you to the correct connection:

If you receive an error message saying that the exchange server cannot be found, it is likely that you need to manually select your server; select the server corresponding to the first letter of your surname:

Staff: Staff with surnames starting A - F Staff with surnames starting G - P Staff with surnames starting Q - Z

Students: Students with surnames starting A - F Students with surnames starting G - P Students with surnames starting Q - Z


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