Configure Blackberry Office 365


These instructions cover how to configure your Blackberry to receive your LSE emails using Office 365.

Please note: If you are encountering problems after your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365 - please first delete your existing profile and create a new one by following the instructions below:


  1. Go to the Set Up option on your Blackberry. Click Email Accounts
  2. Click Set up another email account
  3. Click Other to add a new email address
  4. Enter your LSE email address and LSE password. Click Continue
  5. The Email Settings screen will appear. Click POP/IMAP (Most common). Enter your LSE email address and LSE password again.
  6. Fill in the remaining settings as below:

    Email Server:
    Username: lse\yourLSEusername\LSEemailalias where yourLSEusername is your LSE username and LSEemailalias is the first part of your LSE email. For example, if your LSE username is WARML and your LSE email address is, you would enter lse\warml\l.p.warm

  7. Click Continue. Your email set up will be complete. You can then exit email setup and your LSE email will be in your inbox.