Configure Office 365 on Android


These instructions cover how to configure your Android device to receive your LSE emails using Office 365. 

Please note: This guide is for all students and for staff who have been notified that their Outlook accounts have been migrated to Office 365. If you are encountering problems following the migration, please first delete your existing profile and create a new one by following the instructions below. 


  1. Before setting up email on your Android, please make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Click on Settings on your phone

  3. Click Accounts | Add Account

  4. The Add Account screen will appear. Click on Microsoft Exchange Activesync~

  5. The Email setup screen will appear. Enter your LSE email and LSE password then click Manual setup.

  6. Make sure the domain is in the format \ where yourLSEusername is your LSE username e.g. warm1
    Change the Exchange server to
    Click Next

  7. The following screen will appear. Click OK

  8. On the next screen, click OK

  9. The following screen will appear. Click OK

  10. The following screen will appear. Click Activate.

  11. Setup will be complete. Click Done. Your LSE email will be added to your inbox.