Accessing archived mail using Windows


Information Management and Technology recommends using a Windows XP/Vista/7 computer with a broadband connection to access archive mail. While dial up access to archive mail is technically possible, due to the large size of the files, the time delay may be prohibitive.

This document assumes that you have already configured Microsoft Outlook to access your LSE email. Please be aware that your archived mail is stored in a file called archive.pst on your H: space| and it is regularly backed up by Information Management and Technology.

To open your Archive File:

1. Log on to a School computer or Remote Desktop via Remote Access|

2. Double-click My Computer (or Computer) and make a note of your H: space server and H: space folder

In the example below, H: space server is Staff2 and H: space folder is S_users

3. Click Start | Log Off to disconnect the remote desktop session, if applicable

4. Open Outlook

5. From the File Menu, select Open; then select Open Outlook Data File or Personal Folders File

6. In the File name: textbox, enter


(where st?? is the H: space server you made a note of in School, ?_users is the H: space folder, and yourLSEusername is your LSE username;  e.g. \\staff2\s_users\smithyij\archive.pst)

7. Click OK and log on with your LSE username (preceded by LSE\ e.g. LSE\smithyij) and password

Personal Folders Archive Folder

8. A new shortcut called Outlook Data File or Archive will be added to the Folder List

9. Refer to our step-by-step instructions on how to work with archived mail|

10. Once you have finished working on the Archive File, you should close it before closing Outlook, and it will disappear from the list but should still be intact on your H: space.

To close your Archive File:

1. Right-click on the Archive Folder, e.g. Personal Folders or Archive Folders

2. From the menu select Close "Archive Folder" where Archive Folder is the name of your archive folder, e.g. Outlook Data File or Archive

3. Close Outlook

4. Disconnect from the VPN server, if applicable.


If the archived mail file is 'not found', try the following:

1. From the Start menu select Run

2. Enter \\st??\?_users\yourLSEusername and click OK

(where st?? is the H: space server you made a note of in step 2, ?_users is the H: space folder, and yourLSEusername is your LSE username, e.g. \\staff2\s_users\smithyij\archive.pst).

3. If you are asked to log on, enter your username preceded by LSE\
(e.g LSE\smithyij)

4. Double-click the file archive.pst in the folder. If the file is missing, please contact your IT support team for assistance on how to move your archive file onto your H: space. IT Support contact details for staff and research postgraduates| and for taught students| are available.

Access to Archive mail from outside School using this method is affected by Internet Service providers who block ports 135 to 139. Archived mail is also viewable using the LSE Remote Desktop|.