Set up Outlook 2011 on a personally owned Mac


This guide describes how staff and students can set up Outlook 2011 on a Mac to access their LSE email account via Office 365. This type of connection synchronises your email, calendar and task list, and provides access to the global address list.


You should be familiar with Mac OS X and Outlook 2011. You should have an active Internet connection.

Set up Outlook 2011

Follow the steps below to configure Outlook 2011 to connect to your LSE email account.

1. Open Outlook 2011 from the Applications folder in the Finder.

2. If you see a "splash screen" like that shown below, click Add account. Otherwise, from the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Tools and then Accounts...


3. In the Add an Account window, click Exchange or Office 365.


4. In the Email address: box, enter your LSE email address
For example: if your name is Joe Bloggs, your email address might be


5. In the Authentication section, ensure Method is set to User Name and Password.

6. In the User name: field, enter LSE\ followed by your LSE username.
For example: if your name is Joe Bloggs and your username is BLOGGSJ, enter LSE\BLOGGSJ.

7. In the Password: field, enter your LSE Network Password.

8. Ensure that the Configure automatically box is ticked.

9. Click Add Account. You will now see a message beginning "Outlook was redirected to the server…"

10. Tick the Always use my response for this server box, then click Allow.


11. Wait a moment, until confirmation of your settings appears.

12. Close this window and start using Outlook.

You may need to Quit and reopen Outlook 2011 in order for your email, contacts, and calendars to begin synchronising.