Booking Rooms through Outlook 2010 and 2013

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Most rooms have to be booked through the Conference and Events Office.

This guide applies ONLY to rooms that are available for booking through Outlook.

For a complete list of these rooms, create a new Meeting in Outlook, then click on Rooms...

Booking rooms

Rooms should never be booked in the calendars directly. Rather, rooms should always
be booked as a resource when scheduling a meeting. This ensures that if the
meeting is moved or cancelled, the room calendar is automatically updated, and prevents
the double-booking of rooms.

To book a room as a resource:

1. Open Outlook and go to Calendar

2. Click New Meeting

3. Click To...

4. In the Select Attendees and Resources window search by surname for people, or by the name of the room for resources, and fill in the following:

  • Required -> These are the people who must attend the meeting
  • Optional -> These are the people who may or may not attend the meeting
  • Resources -> This is the room where the meeting will take place


5. Click OK

6. In the Untitled - Meeting window, click Scheduling Assistant. You may have to wait for a few seconds before the scheduler loads everyone's calendars and availability

7. Check for any clashes in the calendar, or find a date and time when everyone is available

8. Click Appointment and fill in Subject

9. Click Send

10. You will then receive confirmation email(s) from people who have Accepted or Declined your meeting request.

11. You will also receive a confirmation email from the room, if your booking was successful.

However, if the room is already booked by someone else, you will receive an email telling you that your room booking is declined:

Alternatively, if the room you are trying to book is moderated, you will receive a tentative email, pending approval from the room moderator: