Connecting to the LSE Network

Please click on the appropriate tabs below to see the guides and frequently asked questions on connecting to the LSE Network.

2. How do I configure my personal computer to access my H: space or U: space?

See the Access your files page for information on connecting to your H: space (network file storage) or U: space (web page storage).


If you are off-site, you should ensure you are connected to LSE resources first.



3. Can I access Endnote remotely?

Yes, Endnote can be accessed remotely off campus. Log on to the Remote Desktop via (Internet Explorer only)


If you have Windows, Remote Desktop is pre-installed so click Start | All Programs | Accessories | Communications | Remote Desktop Connection.


Enter as the Server or Computer and click Connect.


When you have logged on with your LSE username and password click  Start| All Programs | Standard Applications | Bibliography | Endnote