CD Writing Facilities

PCs in all public areas or classrooms are fitted with a CD-RW drive and software to burn files and folders onto a data CD.

Important note: You must not use the CD-writing facilities to copy copyrighted materials.

To copy files onto a CD:

1. Insert your CD into the drive.

The Autoplay dialogue box will appear


2. Click Burn files to disc. In the dialogue box that appears, choose With a CD/DVD player and click Next


A Windows Explorer window will open.

3. Copy and paste the files you wish to burn to CD to the CD drive (usually the D drive). The files will appear listed as 'Files Ready to the Written to the Disc'.

4. Click Burn to disc

5. Give the disc a suitable title and click Next

6. A progress bar will appear. When it is finished, your disc will be ready.


Reviewed September 2012