Software Information

There is a wide range of software available at LSE, whether that is on the standard desktop, for purchase at the Help Desk, or to fulfil special requirements. Click on a link below to find a list of software in that category, availability, support offered and training details.


Software on the LSE desktop|

A comprehensive list of all the software available on LSE campus PCs, which category it belongs to and links to further information.


Standard applications|

See the standard applications in use at LSE and find support and training information.


Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010|

See guidance and information about the standard versions of Windows and Microsoft Office in use at LSE.


Specialist and teaching software|

See details of the specialist and teaching software available at LSE, including SP


Accessibility software|

See all of the accessibility software available at LSE. For further information, see IT Accessibility|.



See the utilities software available at LSE, with support and training information.


Unsupported software for personal use|

This software is freely available on the internet for personal use. The majority of software listed here is for information only, and not necessarily supported by IMT.