Video conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to participate in a meeting or conference anywhere in the world without the time and cost restrictions of attending in person, thereby enabling you to manage time and cost more efficiently. We have a dual-display setup, allowing you to participate in your conference, and view yours, or your counterpart's presentation materials.

There is also a video conferencing unit in the Sheikh Zayed theatre (NAB) meaning that whole lectures can be broadcast or alternatively an external presentation can be shown within the 450 seat lecture theatre. Given LSE's strong relationships with higher education institutions and other organisations both in the UK and internationally, we see this facility as a chance to develop new ways of linking with academic and business partners, including inter-site courses and remote real-time lectures. Video conferencing is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to travelling to meetings offsite.

There is no charge for the hire of the facilities. However you will have to fund call charges incurred. If you would like to book or view our facilities, or have a brief demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To use the video conference facility the remote site you wish to contact must also have a video conference unit. If not software solutions such as Skype may be a preferred option.

Please contact| for more information.