Guidelines for student events

All equipment needs to be booked at least 72 hours before the event and is subject to availability - the more notice the better. During out-of-office hours, it can be made available for collection from Main Reception and should be returned there. We provide all associated cables and stands. AV support is only available between the office hours of 09.00-17.00 unless via special arrangement (may require funding.) All booked equipment is your responsibility, so please ensure you treat it carefully and return it in a timely fashion.

Audio facilities in the theatres 

Old Theatre: We can supply static mics (max of 6), wireless mics (handheld and clip-on, max. 2 of each), NB. Side wall audio inputs require activation, floor boxes are live as default. Audio feeds (normally for press use) located on back wall. Additional audio input on the balcony (marked drama soc).

HKT, New Theatre: Lectern mic, Static mics (Max 2), Wireless mics (Handheld or clip-on (Max 2 can be concurrently used).

TW1 G.01: Static mics (Max 2), Lectern mic.

Music Shows : The audio system is designed for oratory events and does not support loud musical input and the wireless mics aren't appropriate or available for singing/ dancing events. We will not increase volume to excessive levels as we have to protect the system for LSE teaching and oratory events. We will be liaising with the Student Ents. Society to discuss this. (We can't supply audio mixers, additional amps and connectors for non AV unit equipment.)

Projection facilities in the theatres

Old Theatre:   For oratory events only (no shows) the secondary projector/ pc system is available, event organisers are responsible for setting up and putting away the system, full instruction will be arranged.

HKT, New Theatre, TW1 G.01: The full teaching equipment including projector is static (this should not be moved) and controlled by a simple push button system. Instructions of use are available from the AV team.

All other teaching rooms

Almost all teaching rooms have projection facilities and sound projection for pc/video. Some have a simple voice amplification system. Best to contact AV to find out options for individual rooms.

Video link and recording

We can stream the video and audio from the Old Theatre, NT and HKT to any other overspill room on campus. We can also record using our lecture capture system in any of the main Lecture theatres YOU MUST HAVE THE SPEAKER'S PERMISSION.

Mobile equipment

For short term loan only: Data projector, mobile PA system, voice recorders, various cables. These are not available for use in the Quad, Houghton St. and the Underground. This is because of past problems of damage, theft and Health & Safety.


All lighting enquires should be directed to LSE Estates Dept. (Ext 2444)

For all enquires or booking:|, 020 7955 7437, H810