How to contact us




Phone: +44 (0) 20 7107 5400


Extension: 5300/5400 (for urgent support calls)


Location: ALD.3.01, 3rd Floor, Aldwych House


Opening Hours:
AV booking and service requests:
09:30 - 18:00 (Monday - Friday)
Urgent teaching room support:
8:30 - 18:00 (Monday - Friday)

TW1.G01, Tower 1


TW1.G01 is located on the ground floor of Tower 1

Occasionally used for small public events, when the more usual venues aren’t available. It is mainly used with table microphones for discussion panels at a standard height table and a lectern microphone for the main speaker, but does have a lapel wireless mic and a hand-held microphone, located in the safe within the room. 

Please note that support outside the hours of 08.30-18.00 must be pre-arranged and may require funding. However not all events necessarily require a technician present.

Available equipment

Wired microphones:

  • 1 lectern mic behind the teaching desk
  • 3 Table mics

Wireless microphones:

  • 2 wireless microphones available. (1 lapel, 1 hand-held – can be changed via special arrangement)

Sound feeds:

  • Only available via special arrangement

Hard of Hearing system:

  • HOH IR system

Media/recording facilities:

  • Automated podcasting and lecture capture system (scheduled upon request)

Display/ projection facilities:

  • Central projector

Presentation Furniture:

  • Teaching desk permanently installed with all presentation equipment
  • Standard height tables upon stage

Additional equipment/advanced services

Additional microphones can be installed upon request

All the services described above can be temporarily installed under certain conditions :

  • Time for set-up and decommissioning.
  • Security of equipment if left over night
  • H&S considerations
  • Technicians’ available if out of hours