How to contact us




Phone: +44 (0) 20 7107 5400


Extension: 5300/5400 (for urgent support calls)


Location: ALD.3.01, 3rd Floor, Aldwych House


Opening Hours:
AV booking and service requests:
09:30 - 18:00 (Monday - Friday)
Urgent teaching room support:
8:30 - 18:00 (Monday - Friday)

Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street


This theatre is shared with Sadler's Wells theatre company and governed by an entertainment license. The equipment listed below may not be accessible unless prearranged and approved by the Peacock theatre manager. The staging area is subject to a variety of sets installed by Sadler's Wells that can limit its usage.

The Peacock Theatre is located on Portugal Street

Please note that support outside the hours of 08:30-18:00 must be pre-arranged and may require funding. However, not all events necessarily require a technician present.

Available equipment

Wired microphones

  • 12 XLR inputs for wired microphones located in 3 floor boxes on stage.

Wired microphones can be lectern mics, table mics, shotgun mics etc. (dependent on nature of event)

Wireless microphones

  • 8 wireless microphones
  • Normally 4 handheld, 4 lapel (can be changed if prearranged)

Sound feeds

  • 8 XLR feeds that are live as default located audience (4) left and (4) right in the stalls
  • 4 XLR feeds adjacent to the balcony boxes

Hard of Hearing

  • Infra-Red system, requires a headset loaned from Conferences or AV

Media/recording facilities

  • One camera located in balcony with PZT standard definition cameras - This is not suitable for high quality recording
  • Automated podcasting and lecture capture system (scheduled upon request)
  • Live streaming to other LSE rooms via windows media encoder PC/server

Display/ projection facilities

 Front/DUAL projection system receives inputs from

  • Lectern that houses PC, 2 x Visualisers, DVD/VHS, laptop input
  • Blu-ray, laptop inputs, PC housed in Projection room

Projector can be centralised if single projector is required

Presentation Furniture

  • Stage lectern with microphone and presentation devices (see above)

Additional Equipment/Advanced Services

These are not available unless prearranged and may only be available if sufficient resource is provided or funded to operate the equipment. They may be managed by other LSE departments and thus subject to their resources and terms and conditions.

  • Stage Tables/Chairs – Owned by Conferences department
  • Slim-line lectern – Managed by Conferences department
  • Stage lighting – Lighting managed by Sadler’s Wells
  • Webcasting – For broadcasting to external viewers over the web – Web services
  • Onstage monitors for sending messages visible only to speakers (online questions etc.)
  • High quality video recording – Cameramen can be hired to provide high quality vodcasts
  • Satellite trucks can park on Sardinia Street. Crews can run cable via rear of stage through the delivery exit for broadcasting
  • Multiple inputs can be shown on one projector
  • Tie lines from the green room to the projection booth (both HD and SD signals)