Displaying information on plasma screens

Departments may request the display of various media on the plasma/LCD screens at various locations on campus.

Powerpoint slides, images, html material and short videos can be scheduled to display at selected times. This content can be displayed on the screens at just one location or all locations on campus.

The material must meet a certain specification as listed below, however if showing Powerpoint we strongly advise you download a template that can be customised, but will ensure that the size and orientation are correct.  

Powerpoint/images: Must be portrait and sized to 720 x 1280 pixels
Display template| (ppt)

Video: MPEG2, 20fps
more information about advanced encoding specifications| (pdf)

Please send us an email at imt.av.support@lse.ac.uk| attaching the requested material and also including:

 1.  Where you want the material displayed.
 2.  How long it is to be displayed for.

 Please be advised that material will most likely be shown concurrently with LSE's daily signage (booking information, events, pc availability screens etc) and only acceptable LSE related content will be displayed.

For further help designing visual material please schedule an appointment with LSE Design unit|.