LSE Campus Digital Signage Screens

Content for LSE digital screens needs to be informative, short and eye-catching. To ensure your information has the best possible impact, please observe the following:

  • Slides can only be displayed for a maximum of TWO WEEKS
  • Each slide should have a maximum of 100 words
  • A short web link should be provided for further information
  • It will be necessary to prioritise content at busy times of the academic year.
  • Slides must be portrait sized at 720 x 1000 and maximum file size is 15mb. Use this template to create plasma slides.

Any content not meeting the above criteria will not be added to the screens. Ultimate decision making sits with the Head of Internal Communications

Please submit the content using the form below. The form may freeze on a sending icon, but will still have been sent; please contact if you are concerned your request has not been received.