Network and internet

We provide a range of network services including a wired and wireless network, access to the Internet and off-site access to the School’s network.

Remote Access Service

You can use the secure Remote Access service to connect to the LSE network from your own off-campus computer:

For more info see the Remote Access guide|.  


LSE Remote Desktop

Similar to the VPN Remote Access, the LSE Remote Desktop| offers staff and students access to email, H: space, network drives and extensive range of software by allowing them to work in a window resembling the School desktop. You can log on to the Remote Desktop from anywhere with an internet connection. LSE Remote Desktop is perfect for occasional access or access from a computer that you do not own. Please see our guides to connecting to the Remote Desktop| for more information.

Please note, some of the standard LSE software is currently unavailable via the LSE Remote Desktop, we advise you to check to see if the application is available prior to working away from campus. Remote desktop currently does not currently allow access to departmental shared drives.


Wireless network (WiFi)

The LSE wireless network (WiFi) service allows you to connect any wireless-capable device to the LSE network and internet without using cables. The LSE wireless network covers most public areas| including teaching rooms, open spaces and recreational areas. For more information, see our Wireless page|.

If you are in an office and plan to use a laptop regularly, please use a wired network point where possible.


Access to wired network services

LSE network account holders can access the LSE network and Internet through wired connection outlets| around campus and in halls of residence. By default a network point is not active. If you wish to use an additional network point contact the IT Service Desk to have it made live. Please do not unplug any existing network cables from wall sockets.


Internet in residences

When you arrive at your residence, we will provide you with a network cable and a guide. You will first need to activate your internet connection by visiting| and following the instructions on screen.


Eduroam/JANET roaming

Eduroam/JANET Roaming allows users guest access at other universities throughout the world without the need for special guest accounts. The availability of network access (such as internet access or the library catalogue) varies from one university to the next. For more information, see our guides to using Eduroam/JANET Roaming| .


Managed print service

The Managed Print Service provides a centralised printing solution for LSE undergraduate students. These printers are desk-mounted, multi-functional devices providing fully managed print services.