Application Services

We provide a range of application services, from development, deployment, maintenance, enhancement and management of applications, databases and systems.

LSE applications 

Allows both staff and students to access information and data via the LSE web portal:

  • LSE for You: The LSE’s ‘Institutional Portal’ allows applicants, students, staff and alumni to gain personalised access to the School’s administrative systems.
  • Moodle: A course management system to provide web-based support for courses and programmes.
  • LSE Wallet: Allows students to pay online for other services such as networked printing, library fines and library course packs.
  • Training & Development: Allows you to find and request places on courses and for course providers to manage their offerings.

Corporate information systems

IMT support and maintain a number of corporate information systems:

  • APTOS: The School's accounting system which records and processes all of the School’s income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.
  • ResourceLink: Pay and HR Information and Systems teams use this system to store employee data. The HR division primarily use ResourceLink, although some of the information it holds is available to the wider School through Oracle Forms.
  • SITS:Vision: Manages student administrative processes, from initial enquiry through to graduation and alumni, and acts as the central point of information on students and their qualifications.
  • CMIS: Used for timetables, scheduling and allocation of rooms to all of the School's undergraduate, masters and research taught courses.
  • Residences & Estates: e.g. Planon, EPOS, Hallpad, Opera

Standard applications

Information Management and Technology support a range of standard applications currently used within the School.


Specialist and teaching software

We provide support for an extensive range of specialist and teaching applications.



Information Management and Technology provides administration, development and support of a number of bespoke applications accessible as Oracle forms, web applications, or PHP web pages.


High performance computing

ABACUS provides a multi-server computing environment for research data analysis for current staff and research students at LSE. ABACUS runs with the Windows 2008 server operating system and currently has the following statistical applications installed: STATA, MATLAB, SAS, GAUSS, Maple, SPSS, R 2.11