IT and the environment

Information Management and Technology (IMT) takes environmental responsibility very seriously, working with the School's environmental policy to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to support sustainability.

Using energy-efficient PCs

IMT are pleased to report that our current standard PCs are built from EPEAT components, and are Energy Star 6 ready.


Duplex (double-sided) printing is the default setting for all printers in open access areas, PC classrooms and residence computer rooms, and is the recommended setting for all compatible staff printers.

Video-conferencing - the greener alternative to travel

LSE's state of the art video-conferencing suite, on the ground floor of Tower One, is a greener, cheaper alternative to travel for maintaining LSE's global links and partnerships. It is also linked with the TW1 G.01 lecture theatre allowing lectures to be sent to and received by a wider audience. The suite can be used by all LSE staff and has been used to conduct meetings and interviews globally. For further information please contact: | x5400

Audio-conferencing - reduce your travel footprint

IMT provides an excellent audio conferencing service called Instant Meeting.  This is a 24 hour service which is available all year.  It's easy to use and available on demand.

Contact your Departmental Manager or Head of Department, who holds your department's unique Meeting Leader and Participant Passcodes and a telephone number to access the service. Then circulate the Participant Passcode and the telephone number to the meeting attendees who will then use them to dial in to the meeting at an agreed time.

For more information visit Audio Conferencing.

Disposal of redundant IT equipment

IMT is responsible for the disposal of all LSE owned IT-related equipment. This includes desktop computers, monitors, laptops, printers, telephones, fax machines, servers and teaching room audio-visual equipment.  For photocopiers, please contact Reprographics and for all other electrical equipment, please contact Estates. The current process for the disposal of IT equipment is as follows:

  • IMT staff remove redundant equipment to our store room, where it is separated according to whether it is working or parts only/damaged.
  • All redundant equipment is collected by our licensed waste carrier a WEEE certified organisation that offers end-of-life IT asset management, including redeployment, recycling, secure computer disposal and data destruction.
Disposal of redundant furniture

Where possible, IMTy donates reusable redundant furniture from open access PC areas and PC classrooms to the CRISP Office Furniture, Fittings and Recycling Scheme (OFFERS).

Paper and toner

IMT provides recycling bins in all open access PC areas and PC classrooms for students to recycle waste paper. We also collect used toner cartridges from LSE student printers and return them to the supplier for recycling.

Staff should return used toner cartridges to Reprographics.

The LSE student printing service uses 100% recycled paper.

As a department we recognise the impact that we have on the environment and are always looking for new ways to make our internal processes more sustainable. Some of our initiatives include;

  • buying only recycled stationery and fair-trade catering products for the department, where possible,
  • a digital filing system in our administration office to reduce the quantities of paper we use,
  • no longer stocking disposable cups for our water filters,
  • printing our publications on 100% recycled paper and making them available electronically via our website,
  • sending our termly newsletter to staff and students by email instead of sending a paper copy.

We realise that we must continue to work with our colleagues within the School, and with our external contacts to find ways to develop our current initiatives and, develop new ones.  If you have any sustainability related queries or perhaps any ideas that you would like to share with us, we would be very happy to hear from you.  Please contact us by email at