Contact us - Staff and PGR Students

You can contact IMT for IT help in a number of ways. This page contains details of how to contact us if you are a member of staff, or a research postgraduate. See IT help contact details for Taught Students.|

Service Desk

The Service Desk should be your first point of contact for all staff IT support queries:

The Service Desk is staffed by your Support Teams| and will:

  • Be the initial point of contact for all staff IT queries
  • Centrally administer all calls and emails
  • Provide first line support and fixes where possible
  • Escalate issues as and when required to Support Team members

To ensure continuity of service, the existing emails and phone numbers for your current teams will divert through to the Service Desk. If you would like to know which Support Team is responsible for your department, see the Support Teams page| for reference.


When staffed support services are closed (overnight, weekends and Bank Holidays), an out-of-hours IT helpline becomes available to LSE staff and students. Simply phone the usual IT Service Desk number and your call will be automatically diverted to the helpline. The helpline team will ask for your LSE username.

Please note that the service is available by phone only.

The helpline is a shared service provided by and for UK universities, operating from the University of Northumbria. We have provided (and continue to provide) knowledge base articles about IT facilities for staff and students at LSE. The helpline can advise on:

  • connecting remotely to LSE services
  • status of LSE Services
  • give support on commonly-used applications (such as Microsoft Office)
  • log calls to be dealt with by the IT Service Desk during normal support hours

If it is apparent that you require desk-side assistance, or if the helpline cannot provide a resolution, they will log a support call with the IT Service Desk who will respond during normal opening hours.

For more information, contact the IT Service Desk or visit|

Walk-In Centre

For face-to-face IT enquiries, equipment and software collection, and new User Accounts.

  • Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements
  • Opening hours: 09:30 - 17:30, Monday to Friday

Laptop Surgery

The Laptop Surgery| provides free advice and hands-on assistance connecting to LSE resources from off-site and connecting personally-owned laptop and mobile devices to the LSE network.

  • Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements
  • Opening hours: usually from 10:00-16:00 during term time, but varies.

Apple Hour

Are you experiencing trouble with your personal or LSE-owned Apple device? Come along to Apple Hour for specialist help and support. Book your place here|.

  • Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements
  • Opening hours: Every Tuesday, 14:00-15:00

IMT portal

The IMT Portal for IT support is simple, easy to use and allows you to log, track and update your IT support calls yourself.

How do I access the IMT portal?

Visit the IMT Portal here.| Log in using your normal LSE network username and password.

What does the IMT portal allow me to do?

The portal allows you to:

  • Log new support calls
  • View and track all calls you have logged (open and closed)
  • Upload documents relating to your call such as screen shots of error messages
  • Update your support call with additional information
  • View calls logged by your support team when you have contacted them by email, phone or in person

How does the IMT portal know the correct IT support team for me?

When you log into the IMT Portal, your LSE username tells the portal which department you work in. The portal already knows which IT support team looks after your department so is then able to assign your call to them.

What if the self service portal doesn't know which IT support team to send my call to?

In the event that this should happen, the portal software, Supportworks, will send these calls to the IT Service Desk, who will assess the correct department and assign the call.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have further questions regarding the Self Service Portal.

VITA - Virtual IT Assistance

Virtual IT Assistance (VITA) allows LSE staff and students to chat online to their IT support staff who can assist them remotely no matter where they are located. IT support staff can view your desktop and take control of it to assist with support enquiries. Support is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Step 1: Contact the IT Service Desk for a PIN

In order to access VITA, you will first need to contact the IT Service Desk on| or 020 7107 5000 / extension 5000 to be provided with a six digit PIN. Once you have this pin, access VITA using the following means:

Step 2: Connecting to VITA

  • On an LSE computer: Double-click the Virtual IT Assistance icon from the desktop of any LSE and enter the PIN you were provided. 
Virtual IT Assistance logo
  • On a personally-owned computer: Contact the IT Service Desk who will provide you with a six-digit PIN code. Enter it into the box below and click the Connect to IT Support button.


IMT recommends that you use the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser for this service.

Using VITA

IMT recommends that you use the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser for this service.

  •  Internet Explorer users: When prompted, choose Run
  •  Firefox users:  When prompted, choose Save File. Then open the file by clicking OK.


  • Support is available to assist with the remote connection to LSE resources
  • Support is available for School-related activities only
  • Users will need to agree to a disclaimer before IMT staff can connect to their computer
  • Support is not available for configuring home networks
  • Staff and students may be advised to bring their computers in to the Laptop Surgery if face-to-face assistance is more appropriate
  • Requests for assistance with personally-owned machines should be channeled through IT support staff by email or telephone. If virtual IT assistance is appropriate, a PIN number will be supplied for users to connect via the IMT website

Urgent AV and Teaching Spaces queries

For urgent support calls regarding teaching space equipment.

  • Tel: 020 7955 5300 or 020 7955 5400
  • Ext: 5300 or 5400

Laptop Surgery

The Laptop Surgery provides assistance connecting to LSE resources from off-site and connecting personally-owned laptop and mobile devices to the LSE network

Teaching and Learning Spaces

For support with public PC rooms and teaching equipment, including audio-visual equipment


See IT Training for training in Microsoft Office and professional IT certification.


The Telecoms team handle queries regarding telephones, faxes, voicemail and other telecoms services.


See IT accessibility for information and support for students and staff with disabilities

Programme Management Office

The Programme Management Office provides assistance to Administrative Divisions with the initiation, business analysis and management of IT Projects and Programmes.

Give your feedback

IMT regularly send out satisfaction surveys to our customers. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and is an invaluable tool for helping us to improve our service in the future. Please take the time to let us know how you think our support team fared when dealing with your issue or query.

Escalation Procedure

If you are unhappy with the level of service you have received, please follow the below procedure:

Step 1:

Contact the Head of Customer Services.

  • Name: Floriana Molone
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 020 7955 7819
  • Extension: 7819

If you continue to feel that you have not received the service you expect, please follow the next step:

Step 2: 

Contact the Director of IMT

  • Name: Nick Deyes
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 020 7955 6633
  • Extension: 6633