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Programme Management Office


The IMT Programme Management Office (PMO) is the central point of contact for IT project management expertise and resources. It ensures the successful management and delivery of projects within Information Management and Technology and the wider school community which contain elements of IT.

The projects undertaken are in line with the School's strategic objectives,  achieving tangible benefits coherent with the School's strategy.

Using the key roles of programme management, business analysis and project management, the team works with stakeholders to ensure that projects are delivered using best practice techniques, with the industry recognised methodology of PRINCE2.

For a full overview of the PMO and the services we offer, please see our Terms of Reference.

If you would like to submit a project request or would like more information on the processes we use or what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Programme Management Office is managed by Suzanne Creasey, the Programme Management Office manager, and contains senior project managers, project managers, business analysts, a project support officer and project support assistant. For more detailed information, see Who's who in IMT.

Our Projects

The high level PMO Process Diagram shows the process which projects follow, from Stage 0 (Mandate) through to Stage 4 (Benefits).

A Programme Gantt Chart  of projects being managed and/or monitored by the Programme Management Office is available.

The Pie Chart  below highlights the percentage of IMT led and non-IMT led Projects which are live, those currently in the pipeline and closed/completed projects.

 Gantt Pie Chart v60. 

The PMO Process

If you have a new project request, please complete a mandate and send it to us at Please see here for more information on the process for submitting Mandates and Business Cases. All templates can be found on our Resources and Templates page.

A flow chart of the Mandate and Business Case Process can be found here.

A definition of Service Operations, Work Packages & Projects can be found here for information.

Key PMO Dates

The 2015/16 schedule of key dates for the Programme Management Office can be found here.

For further detailed information, contact the Programme Management Office on

1. What are the services of the Project Management Office (PMO)?

  •  The Programme Management Office provides Project Management, Project Support and Business Analysis services.
  • The PMO reports to the Director of Information Management Technology (DIMT).
  • The PMO is responsible for providing visibility of all projects with an IT element to the DIMT and other Senior Managers (outside of IMT).
  • Our primary goal is to ensure that deliverables agreed with customers are achieved and that project progress and completion is communicated accordingly.


2. Who are our customers?

We work with all LSE Divisions and Departments about their Project requirements, manage the customer relationship and provide project initiation and management.

3. Who should you contact?

  • If you are an Academic or Academic department please contact the IT Service Desk (x5000 or for advice and/or to arrange for a member of your Support Team to visit you to discuss requests regarding IMT business systems.
  • Non Academic departments should contact the Programme Management Office directly. Our details are as follows.

Phone: 020 7955 7143


In Person: AH300, 3rd Floor, Aldwych House

4. What is the PMO Process?

After an initial discussion with you, there are a number of documents you will be asked to complete:

  • We will work with you to draft a 'Mandate' (available from the Resources and Templates page) – This should be no more than 2 x A4 pages and at a high level should capture the idea and what is required. If you require some assistance or you would like to talk through your requirement in more detail, one of our Business Analysts will be happy to advise and help you write the Mandate.
  • Once you have completed the Mandate we will review this and come back to you with any questions. We will then submit this to the Projects Review Board who will approve or reject it at this stage.

If this is approved and can be completed with existing IMT resource and funding it will be scheduled and timeframes and resource confirmed.

  • If the project requires significant investment (resource and/or funding) we will work with you to draft a Business Case. (available from the Resources and Templates page)
  • The Business Case will be submitted and reviewed by the IT Portfolio Board. They will prioritise the project and approve or reject it at this stage.

Please see the Programme Management Office Process diagram for a full outline of the process or contact us to discuss. The PMO will manage this process for you and keep you informed of progress.


Once your Project has been approved and resource and funding has been allocated it will be added to the Programme Gantt Chart where we track all projects that are 'In Progress'.

5. What if my request / project is not approved?

The PMO will work closely with you through the process and feedback any comments and recommendations. We are able to re-submit Mandates and Business Cases (at the Board's request).

6. How are projects prioritised?

All Mandates will be reviewed at the Projects Review Board (who meet on a monthly basis) and the Board will approve or reject the initial idea. We will work with you through this process and keep you informed. If the Board require more information we can re-work and re-submit a Mandate.


If the Mandate is approved and the project requires funding, the PMO will work with you to draft a Business Case which will be submitted to the IT Portfolio Board (who meet termly). It is the role of the IT Portfolio Board to prioritise all projects in the Programme.


The Programme Gantt Chart (list of projects) is reviewed at the Projects Review Board and IT Portfolio Board meetings where they will prioritise the projects.


7. What is the difference between a work package and a project?

We will work with you to determine if your request is a Work Package or a Project.


Project: This would be led by IMT. The PMO would co-ordinate and manage the completion of the project from start to finish, beginning with the definition at the mandate stage and communicating with stakeholders, ensuring  the project is delivered.


Work Package: This is a piece of work which is a subset of a wider project (across LSE) being led by another Division or Department. The PMO will work with you to scope the work package requirement, confirm the piece of work needed to complete and assign to a dedicated lead within IT for the work to be scheduled.

8. Can I get an overview of all the work going on?

We maintain an overall Plan (Programme Gantt Chart) which shows all project requests submitted to the PMO. It shows the status of every project. You can view the Plan here.


Please note: If your query has not been answered above or you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us on for further assistance.