Cloud Email - Office 365

Last Updated: 1st July 2014

Cloud email for students

We migrated all undergraduate student email accounts to Microsoft Office 365 in 2013, starting with all new students at the start of the new academic year and existing students migrating across from November 2013.

Students now get 50GB mailbox as standard from Office365.

Cloud email for staff

We will be migrating staff and non-UG student mailboxes at the end of 2014, but first we need to stop using Outlook public folders. We are currently working with staff to look at public folder usage because we will not be migrating public folders to Office 365, and it is not the best tool to use for many people.

The project team have been gathering requirements on public folder usage, and working with staff across the School to help them stop using public folders. Over half of public folders have now been decommissioned, and we will be working on the remaining folders once SharePoint is launched over the summer of 2014.

If you have any questions about your public folder usage, or want help to stop using them, please contact the project team at|.


Public folders being used to make information available to students will be inaccessible once they start using Office 365.


We are gathering requirements to make sure information can still be accessed. If you haven't been contacted, please email us:|