Cloud Email - Office 365

Last Updated: 10th January 2015

The School will be using Office 365 – cloud email – for all our email services. This will give us a 50GB mailbox for free for all staff and students and will integrate with SharePoint online, which is also on Office 365 and was launched at LSE last year.

All UG student email were migrated to Office 365 a year ago; all staff and PG students will be migrated in January 2015.

While IMT staff mailboxes were moved early, either side of Christmas, to allow us to identify and address any unexpected issues before migrating the rest of the School.

We will also be migrating a couple of departments in advance of a full roll out, to again ensure any issues are captured and addressed.

What will change with Office 365?

If you are using Outlook 2010 on a Windows 7 computer, which is the standard LSE computer set up, you will notice very little difference other than the bigger mailbox. 

We have tested the new email service on the full range of computer operating systems (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux), email clients (e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird) and mobile devices so we are confident that it works, but you will notice some changes on when you are first migrated.

Important changes you will notice:

  1. Outlook 2010 on Windows will ask you to restart (if it was running when you were migrated) and log in the first time you use it. You may be prompted to log in the first few times you use Outlook
  2. For all mobile devices, mobiles and tablets, you will need to delete your existing Exchange account and create it again. Read our guidance here
  3. Outlook online looks very different to our existing web mail, please see our guidance here
  4. For all shared mailboxes, the process for managing shared mailbox access permissions will change permanently: you will no longer be able to add or remove people from the related group, you will have to make a service request to the IMT Service Desk

For more information please see our Office 365 user guides|, FAQs section| or contact:|