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Upgrade of email servers for staff email

Last updated: 21st May 2013

Why are we updating email servers?

The email used at LSE runs on Exchange servers, and is accessed via Outlook on your computer. We have been using Exchange 2003 on servers that are becoming out of date.

We are moving all staff email over to new servers, on a newer version of Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2010), which will make the service much more reliable and stable as well as improving integration with Apple products.

What are the benefits for you?

Exchange 2010 works in a different way to 2003, and will allow the team who manage the email service to provide 'replication' across different servers. This means that if something does go wrong with the server you are using to access your email, you can jump across to a different server and you can still work as normal. This isn’t possible with the version we are using at the moment.

Alongside this, we will be increasing the staff mailbox size to 1GB, which we know will be popular! We would still like you to manage your email as best you can, because the more storage space we use, the bigger the back-up requirements, and it becomes quite costly. We’re all inundated with emails every day, but if you can keep on top of them, and delete what you don’t need on a regular basis then please do.

If you are using Apple products, you will know that there have been issues with accessing your LSE emails. This upgrade will provide much better integration and support for Apple products, such as iPhone and iPad.

When will we be moving your email mailbox?

We have begun slowly migrating some staff mailboxes over the past few weeks, and are now ready to roll this out in earnest across the School to all staff.

We will start making School-wide changes on Tuesday 28th May, and will continue with migration of mailboxes across the School.

How will we be migrating people?

Once we start migrating, we will have a better idea how many mailboxes we can migrate in one night, but we estimate moving the whole School to the new email servers will take 4-6 weeks.

How will you know if you’ve been migrated to the new email servers?

Once your mailbox has been successfully migrated, you will automatically receive an email telling you it has been migrated. So, when you start using your email in the morning after the migration, you will have this in your inbox and it will contain links to this page and other useful information.

What else do you need to know?

We have a list of FAQs| that we will be frequently updating. If you’re having problems or anything unexpected happens with your email, it is worth checking here first to see if we already have some advice about that.

Still having problems with your email? We can help!

If you have any issues or problems at all, there are a number of support options available to you:

• For any general email related enquiry, please contact the IMT Service Desk| on| or on x5000.

• For face-to-face IT enquiries:

- Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements Building

- Opening hours: 09:30 - 17:30, Monday to Friday

• If you are using a laptop and have any problems configuring your email on it, you can take it to the Laptop Surgery|, which provides free advice and hands-on assistance connecting to LSE resources from off-site and connecting personally-owned laptop and mobile devices to the LSE network.

- Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements Building.

- Opening hours: usually from 10:00-16:00 during term time, but varies.

• We now offer specialised Apple support at the Apple Hour. If you are having email related problems on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac etc) then please come along to the Apple Hour for specialist help and support. Book your place here|.

- Location: Room S198, 1st Floor, St Clements

- Opening hours: Every Tuesday, 14:00-15:00