Last updated: 17/06/13

This is the FAQ page for the Email and Data Storage programme|. These FAQs are based on the kinds of questions that the project team are asked and concerns that people have raised. If you don’t find an answer here, or you think our information is wrong, please let us know: imt.cloud@lse.ac.uk|

Phishing scams – Never give out your password

There have been several email phishing scams recently, some of which are very convincing. Phishing scams attempt to dupe people into entering their user account details into a fake site. The account is then used to send out spam or in order to gain illicit access to data. ALWAYS stop and think twice before following a link from an email telling you to click on it to upgrade or re-enable your account. It is likely to be a phishing attempt. If you have any doubts, contact the service desk by emailing it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk| or calling  extension 5000. See our Phishing Advice| pages for more information.

Android Security Alert

We are aware that Android users are receiving a security alert when connecting to the new Email Exchange server on their Android mobile device.

You can see screenshots of the alert on one user's Android here|.

This alert notifies the user that by accessing the Exchange server to view their emails, LSE can access and control certain features on their mobile device. This includes being able to remotely wipe the device and monitor failed password attempts to unlock the phone.

Users should note that this is a standard feature of the Exchange service and has always been in place. It is also the same for every mobile phone, but from what we have seen, no other phone alerts the user to these security settings.

You should be aware that IMT has no desire or interest in accessing any of these features, and will not do so without the express request of the user (e.g. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, we can wipe the phone's contents for you).

We cannot remove this functionality from the Exchange service (Microsoft would have to do that). It is a standard feature of the current, and the new, Exchange service.

If you have concerns about the security risks implied by these features, please call IMT to discuss on extension 5000 or email it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk|.

Accessing shared mailboxes via web mail

If you haven’t been migrated to the new email servers yet, you may notice an issue with trying to access a shared mailbox that has been migrated to the new servers.

This is resolved when you have been migrated, but until then you can use the following fix:

Try using this URL instead: https://exchange.lse.ac.uk/owa/|email-address 

e.g. https://exchange.lse.ac.uk/owa/a.user@lse.ac.uk|

Note that you will need to put your own email address at the end of the URL.

You only need to do this until you have been migrated, and only if you are having temporary issues accessing a shared mailbox.

If you still have issues, please contact the IMT service desk on it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk| or on x5000.

Distribution Lists

There is currently a bug with distribution lists where owners of these, when migrated, can no longer manage membership of these lists (adding or removing members etc).

We are already working on a fix for this as a priority, however in the meantime if you are having problems with distribution lists, please contact the service desk on it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk| or on extension 5000, who will be able to make changes for you.

Please note: We will update this FAQ when the issue is fixed.

iPhone and iPad users – Server connection error

If you use an iPad or an iPhone, there may be a delay of up to an hour in connecting to the new servers once you have been migrated. The majority of users will not experience this, but some might. This only happens the first time you connect, and does not reappear. It can produce a server connection error message. If this happens, please wait a while and try again later. If the problem continues, please contact it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk|

Apple users – Outlook 2011

If you use an Apple computer, you will be able to use Outlook 2011 to create an Exchange account and use your LSE email and calendar. If you need help setting this up, please visit the Laptop Surgery walk-in centre in St Clements.

For  information please see the Outlook 2011 Set up Guide|.

Shared folders, calendars and mailboxes – Access issues

If you experience any issues working with people or mailboxes that haven’t been migrated yet, please contact the it.servicedesk@lse.ac.uk|

We have not experienced issues with this during weeks of testing and early migration, but it is a known issue with other organisations. If you find you cannot work because colleagues or shared mailboxes have not been migrated, we can resolve this for you by migrating them over if you let us know.

Accessing public folders on web mail

You will not be able to access public folders on the LSE web mail (OWA) once you have been migrated. This is because we will not move the public folder content with the rest of the email servers as we will be discontinuing public folders later this year. You will still be able to access public folders via any email client you could before, and remote desktop.

Will I still be able to use public folders?

We will be decommissioning public folders entirely this year. This means that you will not be able to access content held on public folders. Once we migrate over to Office 365, public folders will not work. However, we are working closely with teams who have been identified as current users to make sure content is migrated to a more suitable tool before we switch public folders off. You can read more about that here [link]

Will I still be able to publish information for students in public folders if you haven’t switched them off yet?

Once we migrate student email onto Office 365, students will not be able to access any public folder even if staff still can. We are working closely with teams who have been identified as current users, and are focussing on any student usage we come across. But with over 30,000 public folders existing, we cannot go through them all (and unfortunately, we cannot see who has accessed them only when they were created). So if you know of any public folders that are being used to deliver any kind of content to students and you haven’t heard from us – please contact the project team! imt.cloud@lse.ac.uk|