Who's who

External Relations Division

(including Academic Partnerships, Communications and Conference and Events Office)

Robin Hoggard - Director of External Relations, 020 7955 7061
email: r.hoggard@lse.ac.uk|

Barbara Gilbert - Assistant to the Director, 020 7107 5273
email: b.gilbert1@lse.ac.uk|

Noita Sadler - External Relations Executive, 020 7107 5428 email:  n.j.sadler@lse.ac.uk|

Brendan Smith - LSE representative in China
email: b.p.smith1@lse.ac.uk|, (see LSE China|

Academic Partnerships

Mark Maloney  is Head of Academic Partnerships

See Academic Partnerships contact details|.


Adrian Thomas (from 4 August 2014) - Head of Communications and Public Affairs
(includes Design Unit, Digital Communications and the Press and Information Office),
email: pressoffice@lse.ac.uk| 

Hayley Reed - Communications Executive, 020 7955 7448 / 020 7852 3602
email: h.reed@lse.ac.uk| 

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Conference and Events Office

Rachel Ward is Head of Conferences and Events

See Conferences and Events Office who's who|