How to contact us

Design Unit
Room TW3 4.01C,
The London School of Economics
and Political Science
Houghton Street
London, WC2A 2AE

Tel: 020 7955 7904

Design templates

In response to requests from staff, templates are now available for commonly used stationery items, publication covers, posters/ flyers and presentation slides. Using these standard formats will, we hope, save you time and effort, and will promote correct use of the School's logo and visual identity.

The templates are available in Word and PowerPoint formats, together with example files in Acrobat PDF format which show how the completed templates may look. To use the templates, follow the appropriate link below. Templates are for LSE staff only and each link is access restricted.

When using a template for the first time, please download both the template and its respective example file. Then simply add in or overtype your own information in the correct place on the Word or PowerPoint file.

If you need advice on using the templates, or guidance on the design of materials not covered by the templates, please contact the Design Unit on 020 7955 7904 or|

The LSE Style Guide offers guidelines on the use of the School's logo and visual identity, copies of which are available for consultation in the Design Unit (W402) and in the Press Office (W301).