Booking a Room

Please see below for information on booking rooms at LSE. Please note that this information is intended for LSE staff and students only. If you are an external organisation, company or member of the public interested in booking space at LSE please see Hiring Conference Space at LSE|.

  • All LSE staff (both administrative and academic) are allowed to book rooms if required as part of their job at the School. The Conference and Events Office are responsible for most teaching rooms and lecture theatres, along with committee rooms and catering venues, which are available to book via the room bookings facility on LSE for You. There are some rooms including departmental rooms for which the Conference Office is not responsible and should you wish to book those then you would have to approach the individual department.
  • To get yourself set up to book rooms please email with your name, department and your staff number (the number on the top left hand of your staff card beside you photo) and the Conference Office will set you up as a contact. This should take no longer than 24 hours. For those who are students (and have ug or pgt in their email address) but are also staff at the School this email needs to be sent to us by your line manager who needs to confirm you need to have room booking priviledges as part of your job.
  • LSESU student societies are allowed to book rooms in the School for their events but bookings can only be made by the three officers of the society. These officers can request rooms via LSE for you. Societies are entitled to one induction room booking at the start of each academic year. After that meeting, until the society is re-registered with the SU, then no more bookings may be made. Further information about how student societies register to get room booking privileges is online.
  • Staff and LSESU societies are given room booking privileges in order to book rooms for events and activities directly related to their role in, or activities for, their department, research centre, division or LSESU student society. Staff and students who have room booking privileges should not abuse these privileges by using them to book rooms for external organisations or for events which they are involved with personally but which have little or nothing to do with their professional role at LSE. Event Services are the unit within the School who deal with bookings for external organisations who wish to hire rooms and space at LSE. They can be contacted at LSE's room usage policy is available online. 
  • Individual LSE students cannot make room bookings. If individual students want to make room bookings for an academic purpose they need to approach a member of staff in their department and request they make the booking on their behalf. In these circumstances then the member of staff is taking on responsibility for the room booking.
  • For those with any queries about issues surrounding room bookings please email
  • A list of rooms which the Conference and Events office does not hold the diary for can be found on LSE Estates.


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